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60 MIN     |     $ 175

Mosaic Hotel 125 S S Spalding Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Revitalize your body and mind with an acupuncture session, as expert practitioners use time-tested techniques to relieve discomfort and restore your body's equilibrium, providing a holistic path to wellness and vitality

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02:30 PM
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*Note the following when submitting your request:

  1.  Your request is not confirmed until you hear from a member of our support staff. 

  2. If your request is received after 8:30PM (PT), a member of our support staff will follow up with you by 8AM the following day.

  3. For same day requests, we require 4 hours advance notice and we'll notify you within 2 hours if a booking cannot be accommodated. 

  4. Prices are subject to the nature of the request, location and provider availability. 

  5. We have a 24hr cancellation policy.

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