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Yada Yada Yoga was founded over 16 years ago by Jessica Gordon. With a mission to create a lifestyle agency comprised of the top therapists, instructors, trainers, and chefs (just to name a few) for the Entertainment and Sports industries across California and New York. In 2021, Jessica decided to step down as President and CEO to watch the company grow with new leadership. She is still an integral part of the company and community as she continues to advise and be a part of Yada Yada Yoga's continued success as our Brand Ambassador. 

More about Yada Yada Yoga's leadership team below.



Mike Packman

Owner & CEO

Mike is a serial entrepreneur, wellness advocate, and philanthropist committed to making a positive impact in the world through his corporate and personal initiatives. He is exceptionally passionate about wellness, as his spiritual journey started with an incredible first trip to India with Tony Robbins almost ten years ago. That was the first of many life-changing experiences that have helped Mike understand the importance of meditation, find more balance in his life, and embrace opportunities to help others do the same. He practices meditation daily and yoga regularly, crediting them with a renewed business focus and an increased ability to be fully present in his
daily life. Mike believes that through regular health and wellness practices, such as yoga and meditation, we can elevate our consciousness to become happier and healthier people and increase our impact to our families and communities.


A serial entrepreneur, Mike founded Keystone National Properties (KNPRE) in 2016 after a successful career as a financial advisor that spanned more than two decades. KNPRE is the sponsor of tax-advantaged and impact investments and focuses on “doing well by doing good.” He is also the co-founder of Bundlefi, a financial technology start-up where he serves as Vice-Chairman and Chief Operating Officer. Mike is a sought-after speaker, presenting at nationally recognized family office and financial industry conferences. He has shared the stage with world-renowned business leaders, including Tony Robbins. Mike is the 1031 expert contributor for the New York Real Estate Journal and has been featured in the Real Deal.


Stefanie Ulrich 

President & COO

Stefanie’s professional background is in Development and Operational Management for leading technology companies across the industry. Her education and specialty certifications have allowed her to mentor leadership through the optimization of organizational growth, the production of highly accountable teams and products. She has also had the opportunity to consult within the Entertainment, Non-Profit and Family Office spaces. Fostering a highly diverse community of professional and personal relationships.

Stefanie is humbled to join Yada Yada Yoga as she has always strived for an opportunity to merge her professional expertise with her lifelong pursuit of wellness for herself and others. Stefanie has successfully implemented a diligent nutrition and pilates practice to support holistic healing of her own lifelong chronic illness. She is an advocate for adolescent immunocompromised communities, an Ambassador and Speaker for related organizations.

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